Client Comments

“I just love Bridgit’s classes. she is an amazing motivator challenging you to push yourself that little bit further-coming out of your comfort zone making you feel exhilarated, healthy,  physically tired and invigorated all at the same time.”

“Running with Bridgit encourages you to want to improve and progress, but in a safe way to avoid injury and maximise your effort.  Never makes you feel slow or useless.  Each session is different and covers warm-ups, stretches, running and cross training in a beautiful old wood in the heart of North London, what more could you want?”

“Bridgit is very warm and welcoming. She is motivating, invigorating and the only reason I exercise in the ‘Green Spaces’. She’s also gifted in keeping track of such differing abilities within the group”

“I had been running on and off for years, but it was not until Bridgit gave me the real kick and the umpf to take my running to the next level. She has lots of knowledge and passion, and her running classes are an effective mixture of learning and pain, but most importantly, joy.”

“This isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you want a challenging post-natal workout then this is for you. Bridgit’s understated but positive demeanour and her gentle encouragement make it seem all the more palatable – especially when it’s raining!”

“… not just a cross-country running club, but an exercise group besides. It’s important that I have company when I exercise, I’d find the running nearly impossible otherwise, and without Bridgit’s leading instruction I’d not know a push-up from a leg-up!”

“I so enjoyed the workout today, and I found you totally inspirational as a teacher. You were approachable and warm and you totally looked and spoke the part. But you also exuded a positive air of authority. A great role model and someone I want to listen to and follow. Thank you. You should feel proud because what you do is especially hard and you do it really, really well.”

“I really enjoyed last Friday’s session- I especially enjoyed learning and using Level 2/ Level 3 Power Walking. The whole family practiced when walking to synagogue!”

“I find Bridgit an excellent trainer, with an attractive and approachable manner. She gives considerable thought to the layout of the sessions, and clearly explains and demonstrates how the exercises should be carried out. She is distinctive in encouraging me to carry out at home those exercises that do not need any equipment, in order to improve my fitness.”

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