Finally a Happy Long Run


I feel so pleased, because finally I have completed a “Happy Long Run.” For several weeks my long runs have been a tremendous slog, a race training duty and something to endure. After my longest run of 24 miles, I knew that I had to somehow create a mental change. During that 24 miles run, I tripped over twice, which indicated a very poor lack of physical control and was gasping for water near the last few miles. In fact , I was so thirsty that as I passed by a catering truck for a film that was happening near the Heath, I desperately asked for water, which they generously provided me with. Once home and showered, and quite zapped of energy, I set to work creating my Just Giving page for the Marathon. I will be running the London Marathon to raise money for Huntington’s Disease Association, which helps in many practical ways with the challenges of HD. Sadly, this disease has recently touched my family and so this has  a personal importance for me. Getting this set and organised has re-charged my motivation and purpose for the task ahead. So now with my training, I can clearly see that there is a point to it beyond the many miles of running.

Joyfully, my recent long run of 20 miles was, dare I say, a great experience. I set off with a spring in my step and a clear and determined head. Rather quickly, I found my rhythm and in no time I was zooming around Regents Park with an ease and confidence that I’ve not experienced much recently. The route was one of my favourites that took me past many London areas where I used to live, such as  Primrose Hill & Mornington Crescent  and so the happy memories came flooding back. The sun was shining and all was right in the world of running. With a contented smile, after 2 hours and 43 minutes, I was back home feeling fine and elated that my Long Run had become HAPPY.