Personal Training

The ‘Green Fit’ method is all about guiding and inspiring people to find their inner athlete in the beautiful and energising outdoor environment.  I create fun fitness sessions, combining your own natural energy with the ‘zing’ of outdoor training to develop body and soul through fresh air and exercise.

Everyone has her own reason for wanted to be in good physical shape. We all have the potential to be vital and strong. My aim is to help you identify your own personal fitness ability and goals and then help you to realise them, whilst providing expert support and a valuable and enjoyable fitness experience.

IMG_1015Outdoor training is magic. My personal training sessions take place in Highgate Woods, an ancient woodland of exceptional beauty. Exercising outside gives you a feel good factor that simply cannot be achieved from an indoor session. Your senses will be opened up to the subtle seasonal changes and the peaceful atmosphere of birds, quiet rain and gentle breeze.  Training outside gives you so much more than a fit body… it clears your head, improves your sleep, increases your positivity, is entertaining and really increases your confidence.

IIMG_0674n my experience, exercise works best when it is simple and uncomplicated. Walk out the door and get moving! My training sessions use very little kit, mainly your own body, the park benches and some simple resistance bands.  The reason for this is that I want you to build exercise habits that you can do almost anywhere on your own, so daily fitness becomes an integral and natural part of your life.

IIMG_1062 always strive to lift you out of your comfort zone and push you just that bit harder than you would ever push yourself. However, ultimately I aim to empower my clients to establish fitness routines that are effective, yet easy to follow so that they can eventually exercise confidently and independently without the need for a Personal Trainer at all!

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