Sunrise Run

Bridge on BeachEarly morning runs can be a gift. The joy of feeling the day opening up before you whilst slowly and peacefully getting your engine going, is precious. Recently during my visit home, I gifted myself a few of this early morning runs along the South Carolina beach. As I was starting to reach the tapering phase of my Marathon Training, I was able to simply enjoy a calm and gentle run, without the pounding intensity of a tempo run or a hill session. So with a quiet and gleeful heart, I set off along the beach, in compete awe as the sun rose before me and the sea birds swooped playfully above the water. During these runs, I aim to get my body moving on automatic pilot so that my heart and mind can soak up the gorgeous surroundings and embed a visual memory for me to savour over and over again. The physical side of running becomes secondary to the deeply enriching mental and spiritual experience. Not all runs can take place along a gorgeous beach at sunrise, however there is a deep beauty in the “sunrise run”, regardless of the location. Connecting with the world at the first light of dawn, gives me a chance to make peace with myself and the day ahead, so that I have the best possible chance to continue with my day in a positive manner with the energy gained from my run and the calm generated in my head.